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Wednesday, November 26
Thanksgiving Recess - Schools & Central Office Closed

Thursday, November 27
Thanksgiving Recess - Schools & Central Office Closed

Friday, November 28
Thanksgiving Recess - Schools & Central Office Closed

Tuesday, December 2
Board of Education Legal Ad Hoc Committee Meeting
5:30 PM
4th floor Board Room
One Larkin Center
Friday, December 5
Board of Education Policy Committee Meeting
5:00 PM
4th Floor Board Room
One Larkin Center

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Welcome Back to the 2014-2015 Pride of School 9 Family,

I am elated to welcome everyone back as the new Principal of the Pride of School 9. There are so many exciting things to share about what the school has accomplished since the last year. I am awaiting our time together during our Open House to bring it to you. The Staff here is so dedicated to providing your child with the best possible education that they can receive while in a supportive learning environment. The programs that we hope to sustain; as well as, introduce as new ones will enhance student achievement. One in particular, Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) has been recently implemented and we are in motion to saturate its belief system into the fabric of our school. We have a Morning Pledge and School Song that is beginning to permeate throughout the building which demonstrates the "Pride"  that we have for our school. The students are constantly recognized throughout the day for the R-Respectful O-Organized A-Accountable R-Responsible(R.O.A.R)  behavioral acts that they exhibit during the instructional day. Whenever any stakeholder recognizes them being involved in a R.O.A.R act or action, the students are extrinsically rewarded; i.e., tickets, special activities, as well as a host of other initiatives that strengthen their self-esteem.   

In conclusion, Parents we need your support to ensure that your child receives the educational, emotional, and social support they require on a daily basis. We are soliciting your involvement to join the PTA and become a Class Parent. We are requesting that you go through your child's book bag everyday, and always keep an open line of communication with the school. If you commit to these things and remain receptive to aligning yourself to being an active participant here at the Pride of School 9, your child will reap the benefits in all facets. We applaud your efforts in advance and we know that this will be a successful year for them. Stay connected!

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Tracie C. Thiam

Hello Parents/ Guardians: Please be advised that your child has been provided with resources to support their use of utilizing library services in the city. Encourage your children to use their local library for researching and supporting their learning experiences throughout the school year.


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